Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

You have lifetime access to them, with all-new courses being created and released to continue your learning journey.
Once you have purchased them, you will receive login details and be legal to access all of your courses from your dashboard.

Absolutely. These courses are designed to give the beginner a complete understanding of these tools.

If you are an experienced yoga practitioner, you will understand that your learning journey never ends. Each course has many resources useful for everyone at all stages of their development. MindHealth and yoga for health are comprehensive ways to deepen your understanding and practice.

Everyone is different. This is the whole point of yoga and coaching, and it awakens what life is for you as an individual. There is a simple framework to follow that helps you build routines. Still, your inquiries and discoveries will be unique to you. This is a process we are working through together.

I recommend investing in a yoga mat and ensuring you have some comfy clothing for your practice.

They are online via Zoom or Google Meet. I recommend you download the free Zoom App to take advantage of all the services.

Yes, you can pay in full or in monthly instalments. You will see this at checkout.

Yes! The courses teach you timeless tools to help support the mind, body, and spirit. They have been used effectively by teenagers, mothers, men, and older people.

Yes! If you need more than 121 support, you can contact me, and we will create a tailored plan for you.