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I’m Cheryl Wimperis, a former ballerina turned holistic wellbeing coach. By combining movement, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and personal development, I aim to share the benefits of a holistic lifestyle.

Whether you’re a professional dancer, a dance enthusiast, a busy parent, or a CEO, it is essential to take care of ourselves and those we serve and care for to be our best. These principles supported my personal growth and health.

These tools have helped me through life’s challenges and transitions and maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. They will help you too.

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Feeling unmotivated and out of focus? Discover how to create your miracle morning. A simple morning practice to set yourself up with positive energy, clarity, and energy. Alongside recorded content to follow each morning, you will also have access to a supportive, like-minded community, live coaching and workshops.

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Building Confidence and Resilience

You will learn how to move through self-doubt and build your confidence and mental resilience to start improving the quality of your life.

Happy mind
Calm Mind, Happy Life

When we learn how to calm the crashing waves of the mind, we learn how to focus, gain more clarity and live with purpose and joy.

Less Worry and Anxiety

When we learn how to connect the body and breath, we learn how to regulate our nervous system and emotions. This brings about more peace, health, and joy in our lives.

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My name is Cheryl Wimperis, and I am a former professional ballerina, now a holistic wellbeing coach & yoga instructor.

After training at the Royal Ballet School, I had an incredible dance career. Dance training taught me a lot about the body and a demanding career. When I discovered yoga, it opened me to more dimensions of myself I had never experienced before: energy work, breathing, healing, and self-awareness. That’s where my passion for yoga practice and personal development deepened. This has positively affected all areas of my life, as I fully appreciate a holistic approach to life and wellbeing.

I now teach in Leicester in person as a yoga instructor in Oadby and privately one-on-one via an online subscription service and live online yoga classes in the UK. Plus, I have developed a series of yoga, wellbeing, holistic and nutritional courses for you to follow along and enjoy.

Join us on this beautiful journey together!

Cheryl Wimperis
Wellbeing Coach, Yoga & Ballet Instructor
Bradley Xander
Latin Ballroom Teacher
Preenon Brahman
Dance Medicine Guide
Amy Kempson
Mini Mindful Guide

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Build Confidence and Resilience
Calm The Mind And Strengthen Your Body
Find Clarity And Live With Purpose
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Turn Your Dreams Into Your Reality
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