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This is an introduction to the 200 hrs Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Course accredited by Yoga Alliance Professional and guided by senior yoga trainer and ballerina Cheryl Wimperis. Here you will find your recommended reading list, and an overview of the components we will be covering in great depth in your MindHealth Course and Yoga Teacher Training Course, and a sample of Module 1 “Establising Correct Breathing” to help you deepen your own yoga practice and get an insight for the module layouts and practices. You will also be invited to a workshop relating to the modules and work in this introductory course.

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What is Yoga? The History Of Yoga The Philosphy Of Yoga The 4 Paths Of Yoga The 8 Limbs Of Yoga Styles of Yoga Recommend Reading List Sample Module 1 "Establishing Correct Breathing" (practice) Module 1 Handbook and Assignments (to print) 2024 Yoga Teacher Training Calendar Students Handbook – Assessment and Expectations

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