Week 1 – Your Miracle Morning Routine

Week 2 – Beyond Our Limits

Week 3 – Vision and Values

Vision and Values. Looking at what is important to you, your life and what you want to create with your life. We get clear on our individual core values and start developing the vision we want to cast and work towards for our future.


Day 12 – Your Values Day 13 – Your Vision Day 14 – Decision Making and Motivation Day 15 – Your Vision Board Day 16 – Visualise Your Future Self Bonus 1 – Yoga For Personal Power Bonus 2 – Meditations Bonus 3 – Affirmation Audio Bonus 3 – Nutritious Sweet Snacks

Week 4 – Taking Aligned Action

Taking Aligned Action. Now that we have a clear about where we are going and what we are creating with our life. It’s time to make a plan and action to it. In a way that feels aligned with who we truly are and what we truly want.


Day 17 – Your Masculine and Feminine Energy Day 18 – Signs and Synchronicities Day 19 – Letting Go and Surrendering Day 20 – Ego and Masks Day 21 – Beyond The Comfort Zone Bonus 1 – Yoga Flow Bonus 2 – Yoga For Forgiveness Bonus 3 – Affirmation Audio Bonus 4 – Try These Lunch Ideas

Week 5 – Bonus Week

Bonus week – Integrate and Shine Your Light. This week gives you tools to lean into, and things to be aware of as you work towards your goals and vision.


Day 22 – Challenges, Tests and Tools Day 23 – You Always Have A Choice Day 24 – Integration Day 25 – Conscious Living and Co-Creating Day 26 – Love, Gratitude and Healing Bonus 1 – 40 Minute Yoga Practice
Yoga Teacher Training Introduction